Hosting a Camp

AI will not run a camp without first forming a partnership with a local high school coach. By coming to you we offer easy access to high quality, customized training that is both economical and convenient.

To run a camp for you we need the following: 

1. A field with goals 
2.  20 players or more registered for camp 
3. A local contact/coach that will help us promote the event


Partnership Agreement

Academy International guarantees our program in writing by entering into a Partnership Agreement with all our clubs, schools and recreation departments we work with.

Camp Promotions/Turn Key Event

All we ask is for the local coach to secure the field and contact their players to encourage them to attend; other than that we run the entire program for you. We provide promotional camp flyers for parents, coaches and players in the community.  All camp registration is done on line at so there is no administration or red tape required.

Camp Sessions

5 x 4 hours, 20 hours: 5 x 3 hours, 15 hours

The academy fee includes:
1. Week-long Instruction 
2. Player Evaluation 
3. Academy International T-shirt 
4. Academy Awards for every player